Shot In The Head

12 months ago


  • Shot In The Head, I Said To Myself, 'I Will Not Die On The Streets Of Lagos!'


  • Omoigui Beauty

    glory to god

  • Fonteh Stacey

    ohhh Glory to God.

  • Chiejieji Austine uchewenemighty

    glorious God at work.

  • Emmanuel Olie

    amazing miracle, our God is great

  • Tamica Mcgarrell

    Amen, God is amazing

  • Clints David

    what a miracle, God is great

  • Ogunrinde Victoria

    glory to God forevermore

  • Meeky Cebologna

    power in the name of Jesus...Glory to God!

  • Makkibobo Eric

    glory glory to God , Hallelujahs

  • Makkibobo Eric

    glory glory to God , Hallelujahs

  • Igboabuchi Obinna

    What a mighty God we serve. #ceonitshazone

  • Emmanuel Ekoja

    Hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah! Glory to God

  • Emmanuel Ekoja

    Hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah! Glory to God

  • Boniswa Jijana

    Hallelujah!! Ey! the name of Jesus which is above all other names in heaven and the earth. Bullets bows, glory

  • George Otu

    what a great God we serve!

  • Serah Okolie

    wow! wow! Jesus is alive. Glory to God.

  • Lohya Vennap

    The name is more powerful than any situation that we might be facing,so trust in the name

  • Joy Joy

    Awesome testimony. Power in the name of Jesus. 😊

  • Godwin Cyprian

    No name like the name of Jesus. Jesus, is gr8ta than all, gr8ta than gun shot and death. the name of Jesus is the answer of everything. No other name but the name of Jesus. Bullets and death respond and report to that Name. praise God. Amen. #cebeninzone1

  • Joyce Salu

    praise God, the Name of Jesus, Higher than other names. ....

  • Wilson Tommy

    This is the power in d name of Jesus at work in the body of a global Deacon

  • Olufemi David

    God's word never fails. Gloryyy

  • Maureen Eme

    glorryy......... Jesus is Lord

  • Judith Alumma

    Glory to God!

  • Judith Alumma

    hallelujah! The word of God is in my spirit and alive

  • Nelson Mandela

    Praise the Lord forever for He is Alive and live in eternity and He is a miracle Worker

  • Bettie Wandoe

    Halleluijaaaahh...Thank you Lord Jesus

  • Newman Tochukwu

    Praise God, Glory to God forever, thank you Pastor Chris for teaching us the Word and inspiring faith in the hearts of many. God bless u Sir, i love u plenty.

  • Mrwealth Johnson

    Glory to God forever more. Amen.

  • Sol Modipa

    Awesome testimony. Glory to God

  • Comfort Duncan

    God is glorified, wow. Thank you so much Sir, God bless you.

  • Faith Michael

    glory there IS power in the nane of jesus thank u sir for sharing ur testimony is so inspiring thank u pastor for u teaching us how to put the word of GOD to work always ✋

  • Mary Chukwuma

    this is wonderful, glory to God

  • Christabel Samuel

    This is so amazing. God is good all the time. The Name of JESUS never disappoints when called upon in faith.

  • Denver Moses

    Wow amazing Thank God Thank God Hallelujah,Thank you Pastor Sir